The Pink Party
Part III


Lets be frank, all the best parties end up pant less and covered in shimmer. Since winter sucks, Frank Body partnered with Babe Rosé to bring a beach party to a warehouse in Brooklyn. The heat was cranked to 85 degrees and a dumpster was turned into a pool. My partner and I were tasked in creating an active activation that captured the brand DNA of the Australian coffee scrub but also was in line with the party scene of Babe Rosé and the Fat Jewish. Also we had to feature Frank’s Shimmer Scrub, that moisturizes & leaves your skin with a shimmering glow that's out of this world.


Art Direction | Event Design | Social | Merchandise | Influencer


CD: Matt Fuller & Jenni Kluzek
Photographer: Matt Fuller & Jenni Kluzek
Client: Kayla Mosley
Event Production: Villian
Influencers: The Fat Jewish, Emily Ratajkowski, Diplo